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Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)

The 17 SDGs (sometimes called ‘The Global Goals’) is a collection of independent but interconnected goals carefully designed to give all of us on our planet a better future, with hundreds of targets and measurement indicators geared toward a date of 2030. The goals were created with businesses in mind, providing a path – what some people refer to as a “Pathway for Humanity” — for any business to harness their power by directing their efforts toward global objectives.


The goals themselves to be simple and direct, but powerful, ranging from ending poverty to building sustainable cities. Any individual can find something on the diverse list of Sustainable Development Goals to work toward. Small and medium-sized businesses, however, are uniquely positioned to make significant impacts on the SDG targets

The Global 17 Sustainable Development Go

Working directly with Just a drop for water we are focused on supporting Global Goal 6


We encourage all our partners to make the leap and Get the Impact Guide

Explore how you can add meaning and purpose to what you do and maximise the impact of your business.

SA Green Fitness Company SDG’s

More locally as a business not only are we determined to create the lowest carbon footprint for all our customers by:

  • Supplying SportsArt innovative ECO-POWR™ technology that captures human exertion and turns it into usable electricity,

  • Working with our dedicated list of growing sustainable partners, who are on their own journey to support the Health & Fitness industry. 


We are also keen to make difference locally by reducing our own carbon footprint during our daily operations at our business location near Loughborough.

Check out below our simple but effective approach: 

  • Toilet paper…who gives a crap!

  • All Drinks Supplied through our sustainable partner.

  • Office Cleaning solutions. Supplied through our sustainable partner.

  • Water Meter installed.

  • Electricity smart meter installed.

  • Recycling all paper and packages.

  • Becoming a paperless office.

  • Encouraging all staff to be focussed on a Vegetarian, Vegan plant-based diet.

  • Hybrid cars for all the sales team. 

  • Team uniforms - Supplier through our sustainable partner.


…..because there is no planet B!

SA Green Fitness  _ Sports Art _ Eco Pow


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