Movement is energy. Every step, pedal and stride we take is generating the potential to power a movement.
At SportsArt, we move to ignite a connection between creating healthy bodies and a healthy environment.
Because when we move, we change the world—one workout at a time.

The Status Cardio Series features three unique ways to improve your facility's sustainability. Recycle the energy created
during a user’s workout with ECO-POWR™ products by capturing human exertion and turning it into usable electricity.
Reduce your energy consumption with SENZA™ or ECO-NATURAL™ products, using 32% less energy than
competitor’s fitness equipment. Refuse to use electricity entirely with self-powered ECO-NATURAL™ equipment.

SA Eco-Powr

The ECO-POWR™ line of premium cardio equipment integrates innovative technology with thoughtfully designed products that harness and convert human energy into usable electricity.

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