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SportsArts latest innovation in cardio equipment, is the G260 ECO-POWR™ Rower. Another, in a long line of sustainable solutions, the Rower offers an effective full-body workout that marries our exclusive energy-generating technology with a luxury experience.

Our electromagnetic braking system produces energy as you move and mimics the real-world feeling of rowing on the water, whilst wireless resistance adjustments give users complete control over their workout, fine-tuning their experience to their preferences.

Biomechanically focused foot pedals effortlessly rotate at the appropriate pivot point—maintaining comfort at the foot and ankle while minimizing stress on the plantar fascia.

A colour-changing LED light even indicates the amount of watts being generated in real-time, providing key insights and potential coaching cues.

One of the industry’s most effective training modalities, the G260 ECO-POWR™ Rower provides efficiency, usability, reliability and sustainability—workout after workout.


  • Colour changing LED
  • Wireless resistance control
  • Biomechanically-focused pedals
  • Finger-safe seat carriage
  • Pivoting LCD display
  • Integrated cup and phone holder
  • Vertically storable
  • Enhanced wireless heart rate receiver
  • Smart workout programs
  • Chain-driven
  • Optional phone holder
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