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Our Mission and Vision

With a firm focus on contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint amongst the health and fitness industry, SA Green Fitness has partnered with a large number of ‘green’ businesses throughout the UK.  Health and fitness run parallel with the environment and people. Thus, it is very important for us to provide our customers with the right sustainable choice while minimising the environmental impact. It is our mission to not only supply energy producing fitness equipment but offer a complete solution for each of the 8 sectors in which we supply, from the lighting used, to workout wear, to the coffee served, SA Green fitness aspires to be ‘the’ sustainable solution to all of your health and fitness needs.

“It is our vision to be ‘THE’ sustainable solution to all of your health and fitness needs”

Founded through the mantra, ‘there is no planet B’ we have a strong desire to do our bit for the earth, and not only help to halt, but help to reverse the effects of climate change, by reducing our carbon footprint and that of our clients, and our clients’ clients, all whilst offering products and services that not only contribute to the healing of the planet, but the healing of the people through improved physical and mental health.

SA Green Fitness and Sports Art reducing
SA Green Fitness  _ Sports Art _ Eco Pow


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