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SportsArt’s Medical line focuses on meeting the needs of clinics and providers. We offer units that accommodate users with both upper and lower body contraindications and can provide a multitude of accessories. These include medical handrails, strap in cycle foot pedals, wheelchair ramps, and more. Perfect for deconditioned or recovering users, our equipment combined with the efforts of medical professionals aims to rebuild and sustain lives.


SA GREEN FITNESS _ SportsArt _ Medical _


SA GREEN FITNESS _ SportsArt _ Medical _


SA GREEN FITNESS _ SportsArt _ Medical _


SportsArt rehabilitation treadmills are designed specifically for cardiac and physical therapy markets and come loaded with unique features, programs and user amenities to help treat more patients more effectively.


  • Bi-directional belt motion for retro walking and gait observations

  • Decline to -3% grade for back and knee rehab

  • Meets UL requirements for current leakage in a medical setting

  • Full-length medical side rails with pediatric lower sections for better patient stability

  • Eco-Glide auto lubrication system

  • CSAFE Port

  • Medical Handrails

  • Optional Wired Controller

  • Forward and Reverse Speed Function (-3 to 12 MPH)

  • 0.1 SAFE-START™ Speed (Forward & Reverse)

  • Contact and Telemetry HR

  • Multi-ply 62 x 22 in. Belt

  • Optional 3-Speed Fan

  • ECO-GLIDE™ Auto Lubrication System

  • Optional SA Well +™

  • Dual Headphone Jack with Built-In Volume Control

  • Emergency Stop

  • Centered Contact HR




  • Bi-directional belt motion for retro walking and gait observations

  • 5 HP AC-Servo motor

  • Optional Detachable step

  • -3 to 22% incline range

  • -3 to 12 mph

  • Adjustable  medical handrails

  • wired controller remote

  • CSAFE port

  • Optional EDAN ECG integration

  • Meets industry standard for medical microamp leakage

  • ECO-GLIDE™ Auto Lubrication System

Semi-recumbent positioning, extreme comfort, and many pedaling options make the C521M a perfect choice for multiple patient types, especially for those with knee and hip ROM limitations.